Introducing St.Joseph’s

Welcome to St.Joseph’s college, Singampunari!

St.Joseph’s Arts and Science College started in the academic year 2018-19, in Singampunari, Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu. The target group of the college is the rural poor, the first generation learners, the marginalized women of the region to educate and empower them. To render this noble service, the FSJ have chosen this area surrounded by villages and rural poor. While Rev.Sr.Rita Michal Former Superior General of FSJ, and General Chapter gave the green signal, Most Rev. Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Susaimanikkam of Sivagangai Diocese, India welcomed the FSJ to start the College in the same diocese.

Former Superior General Sr.Venancia, Sr.Bellermine and Sr.Susai Mary identified the land and construct the college building, Sr.Arokiam Superior General and her team raised the necessary infrastructure. The department of Tamil Nadu Higher Education, through its G.O. Ms No.71 dated 23 April 2018, granted approval for starting this institution as a Self-Financing College. The Alagappa University granted affiliation to it on 15th May 2018. The College started to function from 18th June, 2018 with 100 students, distributed to six Under Graduate Degree Courses (Tamil, English, B.Com, B.B.A, and B.Sc. Computer Science and B.Sc. Mathematics). The official inauguration of the college took place on 18th June, 2018

Course of Study:

The main Subject of Study for Bachelor Degree Courses shall consist of the following:

Part IV: NME & Skill-based Subjects

The University Curriculum also focuses on
  1. UGC sponsored Environmental studies course in Second Semester.
  2. Value Education in Fourth Semester.
  3. Extension and Extra Curricular Activities: These should be carried out outside the class hours.


An academic year is divided into two Semesters. In each semester, courses are offered in 15 teaching weeks and the remaining 5 weeks are to be utilized for conduct of examinations and evaluation purposes. Each week has 30 working hours spread over 5 / 6 days a week.

ODD Semester: From the third week of June to the second week of November.

EVEN Semester: From the third week of November to the end of April.


Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
As per the regulations of the ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY, KARAIKUDI our institution follows the CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS) which is a flexible system of learning and doing research.
It permits the students to:
  • Learn at their own pace
  • Choose electives from a wide range of elective courses offered by the different departments of the college
  • Undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required number of credits
  • Adopt an inter - disciplinary approach to learning
  • Make best use of the expertise of the available faculty


  • ODD Semester:
    From the third week of June to the second week of November
  • EVEN Semester:
    From the third week of November to the end of April.


My dear Sisters, teachers, students, parents, well-wishers and friends, “The most glowing success is but the reflections of an inner fire”, writes John P.

We have successfully started St.Joseph’s college for women through determination, hard work, perseverance and self-sacrifice. I hope that you, the teachers and the parents will have the satisfaction of having given much to our students and they in turn will have the joy of going through numerous growth promoting experiences. Let us thank God for blessing all our endeavors throughout year.

Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, an eminent champion of education considered education as a powerful means for the development of the society especially the empowerment of poor. I shoulder the responsibility following the great ideals of this great visionary, and above all, that of Jesus the greatest Guru. I invite all of you to join hands with me to gear our education towards greater progress making it student-centred.

As the Superior General, I am sure that our faculty and students would continue to contribute and shoulder the responsibilities of taking St.Joseph’s Arts & Science College for Women in the path of progress and achievements.

I strongly believe in team effort and motivate teachers and students to aspire and strive for excellence in education. Through the collective pursuit of excellence, creative innovations in academic, committed teaching, competent research and compassionate mentoring, we have raised St.Joseph’s Arts and Science College to a greater altitude.

I wish and pray God’s abundant blessings be upon you always and the College may be a witness of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world.

Rev.Sr. M .Arockiam FSJ
Superior General
Franciscan Sisters of St.Joseph


“Education, to be complete, must be humane: it includes not only the training of the intellect but also the refinement of the heart and the discipline of the Sprit.” – Dr. Radhakrishnan. Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself. Upon the education of the people, the fate of a nation depends.

St.Joseph’s Arts and Science College for Women was started with the noble aim of providing quality education to the poor, the marginalized and the excluded. The college responds to the needs of the students and the society. The focus today is on quality and futuristic education, preparing tomorrow’s leaders who in turn would make the world a better place to live in. The college education at St.Joseph is packed with seminars, workshops, cultural events, co curricular and extracurricular activities which essentially mould the students into holistic personalities. Nurturing the talents of the students at every stage, chiseling their character with value education every week, shaping their personality at every given opportunity, tapping their sense of social responsibility to every need, the college moves forward in pursuit of excellence in education.

The education that it provides to the students, will be further enhanced & flourished, shaping stakeholders suitable to the needs of the Industries. The institution also aims at igniting the hidden potentials of the students. Along with the textual knowledge, values cum ethics of life and basics of our constitutional laws are also inculcated to prepare the students to take bold strides and withstand the setbacks in life.

I hope the quality; team spirit of our staff will take the college to a greater position at Global level. I wish you all success in all the endeavors and expect the college to the zenith and fulfilling the ideals of our founder Bishop Allen in the years to come.

Rev. Sr. Dr. SusaiMary
St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College of Women



St.Joseph’s Arts &Science College for Women, Singampunari, an ideal destination for pursuing higher education, is the fruit of 10 year long-cherished dream of the Franciscan Sister’s of St.Joseph (FSJ) realizing the need of Higher Education in rural area. The thought seed of starting a college was lighted up by the members of the PTA of our AVM School which has its own tradition and reputation without any compromise in quality

By the Grace of God, the college was started in the year 2018 focusing on the best practices to improve quality and to exceed the excellence in innovations. . The institution got the government approval in the month of April 2018 and within 2 months, we admitted nearly 100 girl students. The institution offers 6 UG Courses B.A. Tamil & English, B.Sc. Mathematics, Computer Science, B.B.A (Business Administration). & B.Com (Commerce). Soon the institution will offer more number of U.G and P.G courses.

We have assembled an experienced team of skilled professionals to spread knowledge and serve the career development needs for our students. We strongly believe that students should begin the career exploration process from their early academic start. We advocate a comprehensive plan for teaching, research, workshops, internships and campus recruitments in top notch companies in India.

We deliver the best to our students, because all our teaching, training modules and team building activities are unique which matches the updated versions in the current industrial scenario. We have well equipped library with automation that caters to the need of all students. The pleasant ambience and good infrastructure of the college kindle the passion to learn anything the students want. Remedial classes are arranged at regular intervals in order to give special attention and coaching for late bloomers. Students are also trained in various disciplines like games, Dance, Drama and Music.

The Student Council of the college helps students enrich and empower the latent leadership skills in them. All round development of students is considered as the major agenda and students are provided with surplus activities to augment their talents.

Rev. Sr. Dr. Margaret Bastin
St.Joseph’s Arts and Science College for Women