Student life at St.Joseph’s is pleasant and resonant. The campus life has proven to be always exciting through unique experience and cherishable memories to students. It provides a blend of modern, academic and spiritual atmosphere. The location of the campus promotes the traditional and cultural values among the students.

  1. Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed.
  2. Possession of Camera Cell-Phone is strictly prohibited in the Campus. Use of cellular phones inside class room / corridors is strictly forbidden.
  3. Note to Parents

    Parents and Guardians are reminded that they should follow the students’ progress in studies and her general conduct in and outside the college. The College expects parents or guardians to co-operate with the College authorities in the education of their daughters. Their co-operation is solicited especially to ensure a regular attendance.


11thJanuary 2019-HEALTH CAMP

A One Day Medical Camp in collaboration with Sri Durga Surgical Clinic was organized in the campus in order to impart health education to students. Students were provided with free medicine and medical advice and were referred for specialized treatment whenever it is required. It counseled them on basic healthcare and hygiene.

10thNovember 2018-HERBAL DECOCTION

Nilavembu kasayam was distributed to students and staff in order to combat, prevent and manage all types of viral infections and fevers.